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At Peak Health, we offer you the highest level of care and treatment for your backpain, knee pain, neuropathy conditions and more.

Our expert doctors always favor a non-invasive approach to treating your injuries and caring for your health. Call now for more details.

Who Are We?

Feel Better And Be Better

Peak Health is rated as the best Medical Group in Kissimmee and as the top Non-Surgical Orthopedics offices in all Central Florida. Our main aim is to restore your overall function and increase your quality of life.

When you work with us, you will benefit from our unique approach to treatment that lets us swiftly achieve your desired results. We are NOT a pain management office! Rather, our goal is to get you to regain your function, which will help you eliminate your pain and get you back to living your life without that endless stream of pain medications. Our philosophy is to start treatment using the least invasive treatments first, so that patients can avoid surgery whenever possible. Call now to start your journey to a pain-free life.

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About Us

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Although our team is very good at helping to reduce your overall pain, our primary goal is NOT to just get you out of pain. Our primary goal is to focus on restoring your overall function to increase your quality of life. To help you Feel Better and Be Better!

As a Non-Surgical Orthopedics and Sports Medicine office, you will enjoy our unique approach to achieving your desired results.  We are NOT a pain management office, as our goal is to help you regain your function, which will help get rid of your pain and get you back to living your life without the endless stream of pain medications. 

Our philosophy is to start treatment using the least invasive treatments first and to try to help patients avoid surgery whenever possible.  We are conveniently located in Kissimmee, FL.

Skilled providers are carefully selected in order to provide the highest quality care for you. After you are evaluated, we discuss each case in detail as a team. It is during this team discussion where we believe our approach is the best.

Instead of having just one provider making a decision about your treatment, we have an entire team conferring, deciding, and concurring about the best treatment options available to you. We are constantly asking ourselves, “Is this the treatment that I would want for my family.”

Call us right now to see how you can finally break the pain cycle and finally restore your function!

Why Choose Us?

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The Highest Level of Care

We focus on providing the best treatment plan for your body, injury, and lifestyle.

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Drug Free Treatments

We believe in breaking the pain cycle and eliminating the source of your pain, without drugs.

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Collective Decisions

Your treatment plans are the fruit of an expert team’s insight and collaboration.

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Non-Invasive Treatments

We only recommend surgery as a very last resort

What Can We Do?

Whether you are suffering from knee, neck or back pain, Peak Health offers unsurpassable care and relief. We also have extensive experience treating those who suffer from spinal injuries, spine disorder or pain. Our highly skilled practitioners pay close attention to the major causes of discomfort or pain in any part of the body, before we suggest the most appropriate treatment plan.

We believe in treating spinal misalignments without drugs and their accompanying side effects. This involves the careful and gentle adjustment of bones, which helps to restore the natural alignment of the spine. Our expert doctors follow a non-invasive approach when treating your injuries and spinal misalignments. After receiving our treatment, the body will heal itself and start to perform its functions normally.

Have traditional methods failed to bring you any relief for your condition? Are you ready to try chiropractic? Call us today to book an appointment.

Treatment without drugs and side effects

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