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A fit body starts with a healthy lifestyle. But sometimes an injury can get in the way of your goals. If you’re suffering from a sports injury, our specialized practitioners at Peak Health will establish a diagnosis and help you alleviate your pain. Contact us today to make your first appointment.

Why Choose Our Sports Medicine?

If you’re leading an active lifestyle, you’re getting the most out of your body while maintaining your health and keeping fit. This is always a good thing, but it’s still important to be mindful of any injury risks you may face when something goes wrong on the field or in the gym.

Sports injuries are made up of many types of conditions that can get worse if left unseen by a medical professional. These include a sprained ankle, a pulled groin, hamstring strain, tears, tennis elbow, and many others. While some injuries are relatively minor and can heal on their own through rest and recovery, it’s always a good idea to visit a doctor at the first sign that something isn’t right in order to make sure things don’t get worse.

The best way to prevent a sports injury is with a warm-up before any strenuous activity in order to improve flexibility in your joints and muscles to reduce any risk of pulling or tearing anything. Start off slow with any workout instead of jumping in, especially if you’ve been taking a break.

Any injuries are best treated immediately after the injury event, so any pain you may have should be seen to as soon as possible. A chiropractor can help in healing and reducing pain. Other methods of sports injury relief include massages or even pain relief injections directed at the specific muscle tissue in question. Come visit us at our clinic to learn more about how we can help.

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Inadequate warm-up or even inappropriate equipment can easily lead to a sports injury that can impact your healthy lifestyle. At Peak Health, we understand the importance of staying active, and we want you to regain your full physical capacity as soon as possible. Ranked as one of the top sports medicine offices in Central Florida, our clinic offers several services to get you back to the activities you love:

  • Trigger point injections are effective for reducing pain and dysfunction. Patients usually don't even feel the small needle used to administer the trigger point substances into tiny painful "knots" in the muscles.
  • Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a natural healing procedure. It involves injecting the patient's platelet, produced in their own bone marrow, to stimulate tissue regeneration.
  • Stem cell therapy is a regenerative treatment where stem cells are injected into damaged joints to promote natural repair and growth.
  • Chiropractic care can diagnose any disorder of the musculoskeletal system. The chiropractor will eliminate the pain by manually adjusting your spine.

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